Lyall Memorial Federated Church

30 Maple Avenue

P.O. Box 426
Millbrook, NY 12545

Tel: 845-677-3485


Nine Partners Burial Ground Association Superintendent: Mr. Carl Lindholm

Call: 845-677-3801 or (c): 845-797-2675

How may we be of service?

Donations are welcome as a memorial for a loved one, or in support of one of our programs: Music, Pastoral Care, Christian Education, Outreach (Lyall Lunch, Meals On Wheels, Food for Folks Food Pantry...). For the Flower Fund (Alter flowers), or for assistance with utilities        like electricity and heat.  For more information please call 845-677-3485, or communications and we will get a                    qualified member of the board to get in touch with you.

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